15 Eco-Vegan Brands to Bookmark This Earth Day

April 22, 2017

When I was wide eyed bushy tailed second grade Christina, I remember running home from school every day so that I could catch the last half of Captain Planet playing on Cartoon Network. I loved seeing those big kids take down evil, money-hungry war mongers (also lived for that kinda-sorta relationship between the wind and fire ringbearers). “Captain Planet, he’s our hero, gonna take pollution down to zero!” I can still belt out that theme song with the best of ‘em.

Back then, the concept of sustainable, conscious consumerism wasn’t a thing, but even 7 year-olds could grasp that pollution and corporate greed were unjust, and that all it took were a few good meaning citizens and their merging of resources to make a difference in the world.

Earth Day reminds us of just that: this planet is magic, we have a lot to care about, and each of us has the ability to do a little more to protect it. Sometimes all that takes is keeping a “sustainable brands” bookmark on your browser so the next time your closet needs a little freshening up, you have tres chic inspiration to draw from. Check ‘em out:

1. Vaute: Like “haute” but with a “v” for “vegan” and pronounced like “vote” cause that’s what we’re doing each time we throw down some bills. Feels good when you can for a company as beautiful inside as it is on the out.

Oh hi sunshines! VAUTE SWIM is made of #recycled carpet fibers and #madeinnyc with love! [link in bio] less than 25 left per color ☀️

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2.  Native Shoes: Native Shoes’ production processes are clean and green with 100%recyclable-material packaging. And their clean and minimal design doesn’t hurt for it. Like they say, less is more. 

Bonafide tourist approved.⠀ The Lennox + Miles.⠀ #keepitlite #beastfree⠀

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3. ROMBAUT: Basically the Ryan Gosling of kicks, blowing up the scene with its lack of toxicity and animal-derived materials—and uses new material innovations made from stone, tree bark, natural rubber, cotton cellulose, and coconut fiber… Wut.

4. In the Soulshine: These tees are made with vegan ink and in a factory in Bali where salaries are three to five times more than the average for a tailor on the island. And! We just collaborated with them on a limited-edition tee on the PETA Catalog; go get it, cuties.

5. Insecta Shoes: Insecta uses recycled rubber and plastic bottles, vintage clothing, and vegan leather to make these pretty babes.

As Cicadas são atraídas pelo friozinho do começo do outono.

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6. Sydney Brown: These shoes are enough to make a grown woman cry. 100% recycled and sustainable uppers with reclaimed wooden soles. All the retro woodland fairy creature vibes.

Presenting our AW17 Collection at the NYC Capsule Show from today through Sunday! #capsuleshow #nyc #roadtocapsule #aw17

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7. Rewilder: This brand’s a real innovator. Its bag fabrics are made from salvaged filter cloth from beer manufacturing plants, and the handles are salvaged climbing rope gathered from local gyms.

To celebrate our 3rd birthday we made ourselves a little something special! What do you think?

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8. Stella McCartney: Stella is forever the queen of my heart. And her vegan leather is made with recycled plastic bottles. That is all.

9. Groceries Apparel: You can shop for clothes on this brand’s website by “ingredient,” ie. eucalyptus, recycled cotton, recycled plastic, vegetable dye, hemp, and organic cotton. I dig them so hard.

10. SUSI Studio: SUSI’s a fave not just cause its owner is a little hottie, but its designs are classic and sexy and made with recycled rubber. Also, they have Emma Watson’s stamp of approval. Good enough for me!

11. Hipsters for Sisters: These aren’t your granny’s fanny packs. Handcrafted from either 100 percent organic cotton or Eco-fi, a high-quality fiber created from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, Hipsters for Sisters frees women and the planet of their baggage.

feeling blue never felt so good 💙 #sustainablefashion

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12. Della: Click if you like owning one of a kind pieces that also support jobs, education, and skills training for the women and men of Ghana + all without harming animals.

13. Brave GentleMan: If you have a little extra change to spare, you need some BG in your life. We’re talking a v strong suit and shoe game… made entirely with recycled soda and water bottles, and cotton/poly blends diverted from waste streams.

14. Reformation: Old faithful. Ref brings it with its quality design and eco fabrics, made partially from recycled vintage clothing.

Let the ruffles do the talking. @ellagantblog in the Coral Dress. #refbabe

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15. Nicora Shoes: Bad ass. Everything about this company. I mean, just look at those boots. 

Wynonna never fails.

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Never knew it could be so fun to be green?! Don’t forget to bookmark them. 😉

Happy happy Earth Day, friends. Til next time, xo

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