Wool Free + Wonder Full

November 17, 2016

Okay, last time I checked in, I was just a little grumpy because NYC was too cold for the contents of my suitcase. One month later, I have a couple chunky sweaters ready to go but alas, there is nothing resembling even a slight chill here in LA! Sigh. Not going to keep me from getting in the holiday spirit, guys. I will stay conscientious about the materials I’m cuddling up in though, and encourage you guys to do the same. There’s a lot of wool floating around this time of year, but its origins don’t exactly impart warm and fuzzy feelings. It’s not just rough for the animals–wool sucks for the environment. In the last couple centuries, manure generated from livestock has significantly increased atmospheric greenhouse gasses and the concentration of methane in the U.S. which is basically the result of livestock belching and passing gas. Sounds silly, but this accounts for roughly one-quarter of annual agricultural methane emissions and is a therefore a leading factor of climate change. Yikes.

So, alright then, what can we wear in wool’s place? No need to fret your beautiful faces– there are tons of pretty cruelty-free things out there waiting to be snatched up! This wide brim fedora from San Diego Hat Company is made of 100% poly and the oversized scarf from ASOS is a super soft acrylic. If you’re looking for more sustainable fibers, blends of viscose, modal, poly, organic cotton, and tencel are just as soft (and easier to take care of). As for hats, recycled plastic bottle technology is definitely a thing. Check Vaute and Brave GentleMan for lots of cool girl (and boy) options.

P.S., these vegan knits and things are sooo calling your name right now: <3

Stella McCartney pull over: 


Oak and Fort button down: 


Oak and Fort cardi:


Anthropologie fluffy knit: 


Anthropologie wide knit:


Free People sexy drapiness: 


Free People wide knit:


Vaute wide brim fedora:


Village Hat Shop faux suede wide brim: 


ASOS two-tone scarf: 


ASOS Xmas scarf:


Happy shopping, loves. The sheep and I thank you for your big, wonderful hearts. Til next time, xo

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